Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do We Manage Billing?

Whatever work is done by a PalominoDB consultant for you is billable.  This includes initial orientations, setting up of access, reviewing documents, emails and communication via IM/email.  Any contact of a consultant for work related discussion is billable time.  Work related to billing, additional services and contracts is not billable of course.  We do not bill any mistakes made by our consultants, or research on standard items that a Senior DBA would be expected to know.  However, in the case of obscure technologies or features that require extensive research, we must bill that time.

We do not bill for time not actively spent managing jobs.  If a long-running job is active, we only bill time spent checking on the job itself.  If we do have to stay up late for a specific task being run overnight or on a weekend, we will bill quarter time on the job for non-active time and full time for time spent actively monitoring.  If we are requested to be on-call for you at a specific time, we will bill quarter time until we actually start working.  For missed meetings, we bill for the first half hour of the billed time.

Support Contracts

Hands down, the biggest value from our services is with our ongoing support contracts.  Your database infrastructure is a constantly evolving system and you need a team involved with it’s growth.  With a support contract we give the guarantee of 24×7 support, as well as full integration with your operations and development teams.  We will learn your systems inside and out.  Support contracts require a 20 hour minimum, at a discounted rate of $160 per hour.  We ask for a 6 month commitment on retainers, but we do not sign you into a contract as such.  We believe firmly in our value, and see no reason to lock you down into something you don’t want.  We want you to stay with us because you love working with us.  And you will!